Web Design and Development

A selection of web sites developed by bSpoke:

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Some features of these sites:

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The Senior Agenda

  • Custom CMS to enable client to create and edit Event listings
  • Animated logo and images
  • Click to enlarge event images for superior accessibility
  • Automated registration system including database and email confirmation
  • Integrated blog to enable client to edit Latest News section.
  • Print button to print registration details

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Panda Kitchens

  • Custom API to optimise layout, particularly image and video display for all screen sizes
  • Automated appointment making and management system
  • Custom CMS to allow client to create and edit "Special Offer" displays
  • Automated order tracking system and animated display
  • Inquiry to delivery automated customer management system
  • Triple Redundancy security applied to sensitive areas of the site

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OWN Australia

  • Use of audio as an accessibility aid - event signals
  • Fully responsive site - converting from PC/tablet colour scheme to high impact mobile presentation
  • Animated title graphic on mobile version

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CC Homepage

  • Main menu is a working model of an iPhone
  • Secondary menu drops down from animated energy ball
  • Parallax star field 3D background
  • CSS 3D animation used to build rotating earth model
  • CSS used to emulate typing of title
  • Opaque background, box shadow and font colour and selection used to convey space/high tech theme

tafe larry's lawns page image

Larry's Lawns

  • Use of audio to evoke seasonal ambiance
  • Animated background emulates client's main activity
  • jQuery magnifying glass used on homepage and equipment page
  • Translucent bead menu
  • Pure CSS used for drop downs and image slider
  • Blog incorporated into site to allow client to create and edit content
  • The site fully complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 standard

tafe js assignment


  • JavaScript generated snowstorm background
  • JS manual and automatic slider functions for image swap
  • Border-image used to display slider
  • Range input used to control speed on auto setting
  • Direction of animation variable: forwards, backwards and random

tafe markup assignment

Pompeii Today

  • An exercise in HTML and CSS layout:
  • News column style layouts for news, sports and finance sections
  • Broader magazine style layouts for other sections
  • Animated curtain effect
  • CSS magnifying glass effect on street map

radio old school homepage

Radio Old School

  • An experiment in the use of iframes to:
  • Display images and videos
  • Enable audio to continue from one page to the next
  • Also an exercise in digital story telling - an emphasis on images and audio and a minimum of text

Chris Craig Books

  • An eBook marketing site
  • iFrames used to keep audio constant across pages
  • CSS3 animation used extensively to display animated maps and battles in THOT Companion Book section (note - THOT Companion is incomplete - a work in progress. The animated battle feature can be viewed on the Area 51 page of this site)