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It's 79 AD and things are changing fast. Just a few short years ago, who would have thought ordinary citizens would be looking through glass in their windows and driving around in rented chariots!

Here at POMPEII TODAY we are also moving with the times.

Broadsheet papyrus and parchment newspapers have joined the clay tablet on the scrapheap of history! And we here at POMPEII TODAY aren't about to go with them!

Instead, we've decided to get ahead of the curve and go online - and we are inviting you to come with us:

Online and into the future!

Check out the new live cam above - see what's happening in Pompeii any time, any day!

Check out the map below to to find your way around town.

And keep up with the fast pace of modern life on the pages of our site:

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Map of Pompeii